The SAM company was created to lead the future of urban mobility by reimagining the concept of efficient and environmentally-friendly driving. With this overarching goal, the SAM vehicle is a visionary design with technical achievements that redefine the future!

SAM opens a new chapter in transportation design and technology with a unique, internationally patented vehicle architecture that is unmatched in simplicity and modularity and aimed at the lowest possible environmental impact. Our mission is to design our vehicles in accordance with the concept of sustainable production, use, and recycling within large urban agglomerations.

As a purely electric vehicle, SAM's propulsion system is designed to make the most efficient use of energy and is not only emission-free but also provides an extremely comfortable and quiet ride.

SAM is globally unique in the way its design balances functionality with environmental impact, even in the production phase. Every detail of the vehicle has been optimized where, for example, the body design not only provides a highly aerodynamic profile but also accommodates a spacious, tastefully minimalist interior. This innovative body shape, made of HDPE and consisting of only four parts, is both environmentally-friendly to manufacture and 100% recyclable.

The company is also working on a range of new vehicles that conform to this overall approach and philosophy including a four-wheeled SAM platform in two- and four-passenger versions as well as cargo configurations.